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Healing is a Partnership

Our time together will connect you with your higher consciousness, guides and angels. With their guidance, you can learn healing techniques and energies, how to work with them and protect yourself on your healing journey. 

We use combinations of ancient and modern techniques to achieve this, for a personal and transformational experience.

To encourage healing at the highest levels, we first begin with listening deeply to your story, hearing from you directly about your struggles and where you are in your journey. As we begin to discover your path towards healing, we then use a selection of ancient shamanic tools, modern lasers with crystals, stones, colors and light, enhanced and amplified by handmade singing bowls.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Discover Purpose and Meaning

Life is an individual journey but we are all connected. When we understand how multi-dimensional it is, the easier and happier it becomes. Connect with your higher guides for insight and clarity into the meaning of your life. Change your life for the better with a deeper understanding of your true purpose.


Find Authentic Happiness

Expand your capacity for happiness as you grow and learn more about your true purpose. All beings seek a happier, healthier life. Discover unique insights into your purpose and why you’re here. Small changes lead to big self discoveries and a whole new perspective on your life.

Image by Guillermo Ferla

Experience Self Discovery

Connect with your higher self and guides, to unlock an entirely different level of consciousness. With their help and our guidance, discover who you really are. Step into your power and your authenticity. Inhabit your creativity and tap into your highest truths.


Problem and Conflict Resolution

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with Alpha Omega Connections. All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free. You can trust us to supply you with the best products, as well as top quality customer service.

Purple Stars

Grief Recovery

Find a greater understanding of why illness occurs and how to help yourself and loved ones in these times of grief. Discover healing and learn how to bring peace and calm to your family as you prepare to transition a loved one or work through their recovery.

Earth and Space

Powerful Energy Work

Life is energy in everything you see. Even in solid objects the protons and electrons are spinning close to the speed of light. That same energy exists within your body, your thoughts and your consciousness. Understand how energies work and to protect yourself and loved ones, your home or business from negative energy forms. Learn to feed yourself with divine energies and watch your strengths unfold.

What We Believe

Healing and guidance can improve your life in many ways, from immediate relief from sorrow to building long-term happiness and joy.

Modern life has left us disconnected from our purpose and often feeling broken and lost in this world.

We know we were made for more, if only we could find peace and healing from the traumas and pain that we’ve encountered on life’s journey. The truth is that we can lead a rich, full life filled with meaning and purpose. We have the ability to heal, already within us.

Holistic health and healing is a collaborative journey and our goal at Alpha Omega Connections is to teach you to heal yourself and others by awakening the healer within.


Confidentiality & Privacy

All of our clients and the information shared are kept beyond confidential and held with the highest trust. Anything and everything stays within our healing home doors.

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