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Your Journey to Healing Begins Here

Activate the Healer Within and Create Miracles in Your Life!

Holistic Healing -- Sound, Light and Energy Work in Southern Maine

Gain Clarity and Move Forward

We first begin with listening deeply to your story, hearing from you directly about your struggles and where you are in your journey. We use a selection of ancient shamanic tools, modern lasers with crystals, stones, colors and light, enhanced by handmade singing bowls.

We invite you to discover your life’s purpose, step into your authenticity and become who you really are while living the life you deserve.


Our Services

Discover Purpose and Meaning

Find Authentic Happiness

Gain Spiritual Guidance

Powerful Energy Work

Resolve Problems and Conflict

... and so much more!

What Our Clients Say

There are very few practitioners/healers at this high level who have the ability to provide a service and a space that is comfortable, nurturing, vibrant and truly transforming. Karen offers through her practice the ability for someone to shift the toxicities of mind, body, and emotions, allowing the client to release on all levels the density and behaviors that don't serve their greater good.

James B.

Unlock Your True Purpose and Build Lasting Happiness

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